HR Glossary / Onboarding Process

The onboarding process of an organization is a streamlined step-by-step method used to welcome and introduce newly hired employees.

What Are the Steps of an Onboarding Process?

Many activities can be included in the onboarding process of an organization, from the job interview to training and beyond. Thus, the process can last anywhere from a few weeks to a year. Steps typically include:

  1. Job interview;
  2. Salary negotiation;
  3. Contract signature;
  4. Employee arrival preparation;
  5. Policy and culture introduction;
  6. Benefits paperwork and explanation;
  7. Facility tour;
  8. Team introduction;
  9. Executive introduction;
  10. Job training;
  11. Employee follow-up meetings;
  12. Employee team building;
  13. Early performance assessment.

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