What Is Nepotism?

Nepotism is an attitude of favoritism exhibited by certain company directors or managers towards members of their family or close associates.

What Causes Nepotism in a Company?

Causes of nepotism within a company include:

  • Fear of losing an employee
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of professional ethics
  • Denial
  • Lack of company rules and procedures

What Are the Consequences of Nepotism in the Workplace?

The consequences of nepotism in the workplace include:

  • Creating an unhealthy working environment
  • Affecting employee motivation and productivity
  • Increasing employee turnover
  • Increasing the number of conflicts within the company
  • Making it more difficult to recruit staff
  • Creating cases of discrimination within the organization
  • Tarnishing the company’s reputation

Is Nepotism Legal?

Nepotism in the workplace may be legal if it does not discriminate against individuals. Discrimination based on a person’s marital status is illegal.

For example, if a candidate is turned down for a job because they are related to one of the team members, this can constitute discrimination.

Is Hiring a Friend Nepotism?

Hiring a friend can be considered nepotism if the candidate is hired simply because of the personal relationship between the candidate and the recruiter.

How to Fight Against Nepotism in the Workplace?

Several solutions can be put in place to fight nepotism in the workplace:

  • Rigorous and objective performance evaluations
  • Rules and procedures to govern working relationships between members of the same family or close relations
  • Clear and rigorous HR procedures

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