What Is a Performance Review?

A performance review is a formal meeting in which a manager evaluates the work performance of an employee, provides feedback, and identifies goals for the future.

How to Conduct a Performance Review?

Performance reviews, also called performance evaluations, are part of the performance management process.

Prior to conducting a performance review, managers typically:

  • Review and update the job description of the employee;
  • Evaluate whether the objectives have been met by the employee;
  • Assess training and development needs;
  • Prepare a list of topics to cover;
  • Identify a quiet and private place of meeting;
  • Schedule an appointment with the employee.

During the performance review, managers are typically expected to:

  • Set aside sufficient time to discuss all topics;
  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the employee;
  • Set new objectives with the employee;
  • Remain objective, fair, and specific throughout;
  • Allow the employee to give their opinion and generally promote two-way communication.

What Are Examples of Phrases to Use During a Performance Review?

The phrases to use during a performance review depend on the subject or skill discussed with the employee.

Examples of phrases about productivity

  • The employee manages their time well and is well organized.
  • The work ethic of the employee is outstanding.
  • The employee shows an endless drive to improve productivity and meets organizational goals.
  • The employee continuously produces more than is expected.

Examples of phrases about attendance

  • The employee begins their day fully prepared and ready to work.
  • The employee is reliable and always ready to help their colleagues.
  • The employee always calls their manager if an unexpected event is preventing them from arriving on time.

Examples of phrases about punctuality

  • The employee always meets deadlines and is very reliable.
  • The employee always delivers their work ahead of time.
  • The employee is able to recognize when a deadline cannot be met and offers solutions.

Examples of phrases about accountability

  • The employee always takes full responsibility for their actions.
  • The employee always gives their best.
  • The employee distinguishes themselves through their honesty and strong sense of responsibility.

What Is the Goal of a Performance Review?

The main goal of a performance review is to allow managers to provide feedback to their employees in order to help them improve their performance.

Why Are Performance Reviews Important?

Performance reviews play an important role in the engagement and the experience of employees.

Performance reviews create learning opportunities that improve the chance of having success within a company. Managers can use performance reviews to provide employees with feedback to help them improve their performance to better meet the objectives of the organization.

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