HR Glossary / Performance Review

A performance review is a formal meeting in which a manager evaluates the work performance of an employee, provides feedback, and identifies goals for the future.

How to Conduct a Performance Review?

Performance reviews, also called performance evaluations, are part of the performance management process.

Prior to conducting a performance review, managers typically:

  • Review and update the job description of the employee;
  • Evaluate whether the objectives have been met by the employee;
  • Assess training and development needs;
  • Prepare a list of topics to cover;
  • Identify a quiet and private place of meeting;
  • Schedule an appointment with the employee.

During the performance review, managers are typically expected to:

  • Set aside sufficient time to discuss all topics;
  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the employee;
  • Set new objectives with the employee;
  • Remain objective, fair, and specific throughout;
  • Allow the employee to give their opinion and generally promote two-way communication.

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