What Is a Job Ad?

A job ad, also called a job posting, is the announcement of a job opening by an organization. Job ads are typically published online.

How to Write a Job Ad?

Job ads must be written in an engaging tone and provide information about the job offer, the company, and the fringe benefits.

A complete job ad should include:

  • The job title: clear and accurate;
  • The job location: remote or in a specific location;
  • The job responsibilities: role, key duties, etc.;
  • The job requirements: experience, education, hard skills, etc.;
  • The company description;
  • The benefits offered: salary range, insurance, perks, etc.;
  • The applying instructions.

Where to Publish Job Ads?

Job ads are typically published online on specialized recruitment sites and popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

To ensure that a job ad will be seen by the right candidates, recruiters must post on job boards relevant to the position. Companies can also share job ads on their social media pages.

How to Improve a Job Ad?

To improve a job advertisement, recruiters may:

  • Include a salary or range;
  • Personalize the job offer;
  • Promote the corporate culture;
  • Remove atypical jargon and acronyms;
  • Make sure the job offer is competitive;
  • Emphasize the benefits of working for the company.

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