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8 Examples of Job Posts to Share on Social Media When Hiring

Véronique Forest
Published on 21 Feb 2024
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Posting your job offers on social media is a simple, effective and free recruitment strategy, unlike specialized sites.

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Using social media in recruitment strategies is a new trend in the job market.

It’s easy to see why when you consider that, on average, Canadians spend 2 hours 5 minutes a day on social media.

Social media enables companies to reach larger audiences, and sometimes even people who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job. It’s a strategy you can adopt to expand your talent pool and recruit the perfect candidate more quickly.

In this article, you’ll discover what to include in your social media posts and some examples to inspire you to write your own. Happy reading!

What should you include in your social media post?

Each social media network requires a different type of post. In fact, you can’t publish your job offer in the same way on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

For example, your tone is likely to be more professional if you post on LinkedIn. If you opt for TikTok instead, you’ll need to create a video about your company, show off your offices or give your employees a voice to promote a job opening.

Instagram will allow you to present an eye-catching visual with a personalized message, while Facebook will be more versatile and offer you several formats.

Key elements for your post

Whatever your preferred platform, some information is essential to create a relevant post.

Start by making it clear that you’re looking for a new employee, so that your audience understands your intention. Also, display the title of the open position.

Enhance your post with additional information to spark your candidates’ interest and redirect them to your detailed job offer. Don’t forget to include contact details for sending CVs, or post a link to a job ad site.

The important thing is to create an original and interesting post that will stand out from your competitors. To do this, make sure your message is clear and brief.

Here are a few examples of relevant and interesting information to add to your social media post:

  • The workplace: located downtown, walking distance from the best restaurants, close to the best bike paths, etc.
  • Required working hours or schedule: flexible working hours, part-time, night shifts, etc.
  • Salary ‼️ : avoid formulas such as competitive or experience-based, and share your salary range
  • Fringe benefits: group insurance, employee discounts, paid cell phone, meals provided, etc.
  • Your requirements or required experience: level of education required, technical skills, etc..
  • Visual elements: emojis, photos, video, etc.
  • Keywords

🚀 Pro tip: your job ad is just as important as your post. Take the time to write an original recruitment ad to convince your potential candidates to send in their CVs.

8 social media posts examples to stand out from the crowd

Build on your corporate culture

People typically look for a healthy workplace with values similar to their own. Promoting your corporate culture is therefore a good strategy for recruiting employees who share your vision, provided your corporate culture is sincere, of course.

You could talk about the team-building activities you organize, or the actions your company has put in place to stimulate diversity, for example.

If you’re not sure which aspects to emphasize, send an anonymous survey to your employees to get their opinion on what makes you an employer of choice.

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1. Example for a coffee shop

Hand holding a mobile device, on the screen we see an Instagram publication with a cup of coffee

Daily Brew Coffee is looking for an experienced barista. ☕️

If you’ve mastered art latte and want to work with the best products in town, we want to meet you. In exchange for your drinkable art, we offer you a flexible schedule, a relaxed environment and plenty of time off to enjoy life.

Send us an email with your CV to [email protected] or drop by one of our locations! We look forward to meeting you.

#barista #coffeelover

Be original

Social media means a more relaxed and friendly environment. If you feel like it, don’t hesitate to be original and even funny in your posts.

Share your best dad jokes, make puns, use a visual that’s out of the ordinary—any way you can to get the candidates’ attention!

2. Example for a day camp

Hand holding a mobile device, on screen we see an Instagram post with a day camp instructor in action

Have you always wanted to be called Pumpkin, Pogo or Ficello?

With us, your dream will come true. ✨ #bestjobintheworld

Send your resume to the best day camp in town at [email protected] 📩

Visit our website to see the complete job offer, link in bio.

3. Example for a clothing store

Hand holding a mobile device, on screen we see a Facebook post with photo of a retail store with a pink filter

We’re looking for a new advisor to join our sales team.

Like our knitwear, our team is tightly woven.

If you’re interested, send your resume to [email protected].

Link in comments for the complete job offer.

Highlight your achievements

Have you won any outstanding awards recently? Highlight them in your posts.

Your achievements reflect the type of company you are, and contribute positively to your reputation.

4. Example for a municipality

Hand holding a mobile device, on the screen we see a LinkedIn publication with a beach lifeguard installed on his lifeguard chair

The prettiest municipality is looking for lifeguards. ☀️

Not only will you be able to spend the summer outdoors, you’ll also be able to brag about working for the municipality that won the title of best employer in the region.

We work hard to provide the best possible working conditions for our employees, and pride ourselves on being flexible to allow them to enjoy life. Our scheduling software makes it easy to request time off and swap shifts, so you don’t miss anything that’s important to you!

Don’t just take our word for it, come and meet our team on Thursday, May 3 at the municipal pool. We look forward to meeting you!

See the complete job offer on our website.

Build on your company’s reputation

Do you have a good reputation as a company? Take advantage of this in your recruitment post.

Whether you sell the best products, your customer service is by far the greatest in your industry, or you’re known for being outspoken, use your reputation to your advantage to grab attention on social media.

5. Example for a restaurant

Hand holding a smartphone with an Instagram feed showing a burger photo.

“Such a delicious meal that I decided to join the team!” – Anna

Join our kitchen team for the chance to cook Anna’s best meal ever (and a variety of other delicious ones).

Send your resume to [email protected].

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6. Example for a retirement home

Hand holding a mobile device, on the screen we see a LinkedIn publication with a person giving care to an elderly person on the arm

We’re hiring!

We’re looking for health care workers to help out at our Mont-Tremblant location.

We offer more than care to our residents. We’re proud to offer a warm, family-oriented environment.

If you’d like to work in a small-scale senior’s residence where each resident receives personalized, tailor-made service, join our team.

Visit our website to see the full job offer.

To submit your application or ask any questions, write to us at [email protected].

Share your employees’ experience

Give your employees a voice. There’s nothing like a sincere testimonial to make candidates want to work for you.

You can include a video of one of your employees telling their story, or simply add a photo of your team.

Don’t hesitate to survey your employees to gather their testimonials and opinions.

7. Example for a hotel

Hand holding a mobile device, on the screen we see a Facebook post with a maid changing the bedding in the hotel room

We are looking for a new person to join our reception team.

“Annie is truly a great manager. She’s understanding when I have to take time off work to look after my children. She really cares about our well-being.” – Simon, employee for 2 years

In exchange for your work, we’re prepared to offer you:

  • Salary between $25 and $30 per hour
  • 30 guaranteed hours per week
  • Flexible working hours
  • 3 weeks paid vacation per year
  • A relaxed management style

See the full job offer on our website.

Send your resume to [email protected].

Use visuals

To attract attention on social media, it’s essential to use attractive visuals. But make sure they’re relevant to your job posting.

You don’t necessarily need a graphic designer, you just need to know how to use the right tools. Here are a few examples:

So you can easily create a carousel, post a video or share a photo of your team to support your recruitment ad.

8. Example for an event company

Hand holding a mobile device, on screen we see an Instagram post with a young adult filling out a document in a crowd of people

We’re hiring!

We’re looking for a volunteer coordinator. 👩🏽‍💻

If you’re interested in participating in international events, join our team.

Complete job offer in bio.

Dare with social media

Don’t hesitate to ask your employees to share your job offers on their personal social media channels. This way, your ad will be seen by a larger number of people.

Be creative, think outside the box and show your true colors.

Dare to use social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok. They may be perceived as less professional, but they’re still relevant, especially if you’re trying to recruit young professionals or student employees.

Happy recruiting!

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