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5 Team Building Activities to Have Fun at Work

Michaël Thibault
Last updated on 21 Apr. 2023
Published on 15 Feb. 2018
Colleagues' ideas about fun team building activities to do at work

We spend so much time at work; we might as well have fun doing team building activities once in a while.

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Besides, there are many benefits to having fun, from reducing stress to building a sense of community and boosting productivity.

Being fun-oriented is a value of ours here at Agendrix. We believe it not only creates a healthy work environment, but promotes a better work/life balance.

Here are a few team activities you can try out at work.

1. Personality Tests

Have your team take the MBTI or Gallup personality tests, and talk about it over lunch. It could make for interesting conversations, and you’ll get to know yourself—and each other—better.

Aside from the interest they can spark, personality tests will help your employees understand their strengths and weaknesses.

What’s more, the better colleagues know each other, the easier and more natural it becomes for them to work together. Understanding someone’s personality allows you to be more empathetic and minimize conflicts with them.

For example, if you know a colleague struggles with criticism, you’ll deliver it to them carefully in a place where they won’t feel vulnerable.

2. Staff Contests

When I worked at a department store, our bosses had this contest where they designed an app featuring various challenges aimed at raising employee awareness about reducing their environmental footprint. Those who conquered the most challenges could choose between various prizes. Needless to say, the initiative was a success, and participation was through the roof.

Granted, creating apps isn’t within reach of most SMEs, but you can still do your best. For example, you could put on a drawing contest if your staff is artistically inclined, or create a series of athletic or intellectual challenges for them. Offer prizes to motivate the troops.

3. An Icebreaker Lunch

People tend to stay in the same groups at lunch. Once or twice a month, encourage employees to sit with people they seldom talk to. Volunteers could be assigned to random spots, and you could offer them dessert to encourage participation.

The idea is to have employees get to know others with whom they don’t often get to interact. It’s an excellent way to reinforce cohesiveness within your business, while promoting discussion between staff and management.

4. A Walking Club

Taking breaks is vital In order for us to be at our best professionally. Even better are active pauses, which allow people to stretch their muscles and take their minds off work for a while.

Suggest that your employees take walks during their breaks. You could even extend their lunch breaks by 5 or 10 minutes to motivate them.

By encouraging your employees to take care of themselves, you also increase their motivation and their engagement in the workplace.

5. A Book Swap

I enjoy sharing my top literary picks with the people around me. Are there many booklovers in your team? Then why not organize a book swap? Everyone could bring a book they like, and take another home.

This will stimulate conversations and let your employees get to better know each other. You can even pick themes to narrow their choices down, for instance whodunits, biographies, historical novels or self-help books.

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