What Is an HR Business Partner?

An HR business partner is a senior HR professional who supports and collaborates with several organizations by providing leaders with advice on how to best align their HR concerns with their organizational goals.

What Does an HR Business Partner Do?

As a consultant, the HR business partner can have several functions depending on organizational needs, including:

  • Measuring and monitoring existing HR policies and procedures;
  • Proposing fixes for an ongoing crisis;
  • Contributing to enterprise-wide HR strategies;
  • Providing solutions for individual employee challenges;
  • Strengthening company culture and employee well-being;
  • Empowering leaders.

What Is the Difference Between an HR Business Partner and an HR Manager?

HR business partners and HR managers play different roles and represent two models of human resources services.

HR managers are hired by a company directly to oversee the HR department on a day-to-day basis. Their role is to develop the procedures of the organization and to enforce them. Their tasks include managing payroll, recruitment, and onboarding.

HR business partners are hired as external consultants and are not employees of the company. They do not have the responsibility of overseeing the HR department. Their role is to work with senior management on the HR strategy of the organization and to provide insight or feedback on issues or initiatives relating to human resources.

What Does an HR Strategic Business Partner Do?

HR strategic business partners specialize in guiding professionals with making decisions about the future, the mission, or the overall strategy of a company. Their ideas and opinions are valued by the executive leadership of the organization.

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