What Is a Badge Time Clock?

A badge time clock is a system that automatically records and counts employees’ working hours.

How Does a Badge Time Clock Work?

A badge time clock records employee working hours using a card, chip, badge or RFID token.

Some systems also offer complementary services for other operations related to employee management and human resources.

Why Have a Badge Time Clock?

Using a badge time clock in an organization helps managers spend less time manually managing employee timesheets.

Time clocks typically automate recording and calculating of working hours.

What Are the Advantages of a Badge Time Clock?

The advantages of using a badge time clock include:

  • Reducing management time
  • Reducing errors in payroll processing
  • Avoiding time theft
  • Easing tracking of absences and late staff

What Are the Disadvantages of a Badge Time Clock?

The main disadvantage of using a badge time clock is resistance to change from employees, who can sometimes have a dim view of the implementation of such a tool.

Managers therefore need to reassure them and explain the new way of working, in order to calm their team members’ apprehensions.

What Are the Different Types of Time Clocks?

The different types of time clocks used in companies are typically as follows:

  • Badge time clock: uses an RFID chip, badge, card or token
  • Digital time clock: records information using a personal identification number
  • Mobile time clock: uses a smartphone
  • Mechanical punch: uses a physical medium such as a punch
  • Landline telephone punch clock: associates a telephone number with a specific location
  • Biometric time clock: verifies employees’ unique characteristics
  • RFID or barcode time clock: records time using a physical reader and a card or chip

How to Choose a Time Clock?

To choose a time clock for an organization, managers must first assess their needs. They need to list the features they’re looking for and establish a budget. Then, they can compare different punch clock systems.

It is also necessary to test several time clocks to validate their operation and make an informed choice.

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