What Is a Digital Time Clock?

A digital time clock is a system that tracks employee hours using computerized or cloud-based tools.

What Is the Purpose of a Digital Time Clock?

A digital time clock allows for tracking employees’ work hours accurately and efficiently.

Some timekeeping systems also validate that employees’ work hours are in line with the schedule established by the manager.

How Does a Digital Time Clock Work?

A digital time clock uses a personal identification number to track employees’ hours.

Employees clock in, out and break times directly into a time clock software. The time sheets are filled in automatically.

Why Use a Digital Time Clock?

Digital time clocks have several advantages, such as:

  • Lowering the risk of errors
  • Decreasing time theft
  • Make it easier to manage absences and lateness

What’s the Difference Between a Digital Time Clock and a Biometric Time Clock?

The difference between a digital time clock and a biometric time clock lies in the information recorded at the time of clocking.

A digital time clock tracks the hours worked based on a personal identification number. In contrast, a biometric time clock uses employees’ unique biological features (fingerprints, facial shape, eyes, etc.).

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