What Is a Timesheet Software?

A timesheet software is a cloud-based or local computer program or application that records the work hours of the employees.

How Does a Timesheet Software Work?

A timesheet is a data table used by employers to track the work hours of an employee over a certain period of time.

A timesheet software automates the tracking of work hours by recording the time of arrival, departure, and breaks through an electronic punch clock linked to a computer system. The data is then transferred into a sheet that can be used to verify whether there are discrepancies in the expected hours of work and manage payroll.

What Types of Companies Use Timesheet Software?

Companies that have several employees should use a timesheet or time tracking software to monitor the work hours of their employees.

Timesheet software are essential for organizations relying on hourly workers with variable work schedules.

What Are the Benefits of Using Timesheet Software?

Common benefits of using a timesheet software include:

  • Reducing time theft;
  • Increasing payroll accuracy;
  • Improving reporting;
  • Simplifying workload attribution;
  • Promoting better discipline and transparency;
  • Identifying overworking employees.

Why Is Tracking the Work Hours of Employees Important?

Tracking the work hours of employees using a timesheet software is a convenient way of improving payroll accuracy. Timesheet software also typically includes features dedicated to the management of time off and vacation.

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