What Is Skills Mapping?

Skills mapping is an HR tool used for human resource planning (HRP) that draws up a complete picture of the skills required for every position within a company.

What Is The Purpose of Skills Mapping?

Skills mapping is part of the HRP approach. It enables organizations to measure the gap between the current skills and those expected for all their positions. This exercise provides the data necessary to create an action plan to close the gaps.

Having an up-to-date skills map makes it easier to assess employees’ skills. It enables managers to quickly determine whether employees have the skills and know-how required to perform their jobs.

It also simplifies recruitment by identifying essential skills for each position.

How to Draw Up a Skills Map?

Skills mapping is a 5-step process:

  • Defining the mapping objectives
  • Determining the map’s limits
  • Creating a work group with stakeholders from all departments and
  • HR representatives
  • Drawing up a document that contains an assessment of each employee’s skills
  • Analyzing the results and taking action to resolve any problem identified

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