What Is the Definition of Hard Skills?

Hard skills, also known as technical competencies, refer to the technical knowledge and skills that certain employees must have in order to carry out their work efficiently and effectively.

What Are Some Examples of Hard Skills?

Some examples of hard skills include:

  • Programming
  • Mastering technological tools such as the Microsoft or Adobe suite
  • Knowledge of several languages (English, French, Spanish, etc.)
  • Writing skills
  • Team management
  • Data analysis

What Is the Difference Between Soft Skills and Hard Skills?

Soft skills refer to the behavioral and interpersonal aptitudes of a person. They can therefore vary greatly from one individual to another.

Hard skills, on the other hand, refer to the technical knowledge and skills of an employee. They are often acquired through training and professional experience.

How to Develop Hard Skills?

A person can acquire and develop hard skills in a number of ways. The most common ways include:

  • Practice: performing a task repeatedly over a period of time
  • Repetition: practicing a task a large number of times
  • Education: undergoing training to acquire or develop skills

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