What Is a Fixed-Term Contract?

A fixed-term contract refers to an employment contract between an employee and an employer for a fixed and temporary period.

When to Use a Fixed-Term Contract?

A fixed-term contract can only be used to carry out a specific, temporary task, as in the following situations:

  • To replace an absent employee for any reason (except in the event of a strike)
  • Pending the appointment of a new employee
  • Pending the permanent elimination of a position
  • For seasonal employment
  • For specific contracts such as senior fixed-term employment contract, with a defined purpose

What Are the Differences Between a Fixed-Term Contract and an Open Contract?

An open employment contract is of unlimited duration, whereas a fixed-term employment contract is temporary and limited in time.

How to Break a Fixed-Term Contract?

A fixed-term contract can only be ended early in certain cases, such as:

  • The employee has been hired under an open contract
  • The employer and the employee reach an agreement
  • A case of force majeure occurs
  • The employee is found to be unfit for work by an occupational physician
  • Serious misconduct on the part of either the employer or the employee

How Many Times Can a Fixed-Term Contract Be Renewed?

A fixed-term employment contract is renewable only under certain conditions, and no more than twice within the same company.

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