What Is a Field Service Management Software?

A field service management (FMS) software is a solution that helps to manage the work of field-based (or mobile) workers. Features commonly include service scheduling and dispatching, workforce management, and equipment and inventory management.

What Can Field Service Management Software Do?

Field service management software help with coordinating field service operations and managing workforce, including tasks such as:

  • Scheduling and dispatching the right worker for the right job;
  • Managing workers schedule;
  • Tracking time and attendance;
  • Managing inventory;
  • Generating performance reports;
  • Optimizing resource allocation;
  • Facilitating invoice tracking;
  • Responding faster to customer requests.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Field Service Management Software?

Common benefits of using a field service management software include:

  • Increasing productivity;
  • Improving the job scheduling process;
  • Streamlining the flow of information;
  • Optimizing the allocation resources;
  • Reducing the cost of production;
  • Improving the customer experience;
  • Improving data collection;
  • Managing more emergency situations more efficiently.

What Types of Company Use Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software are used by companies in various industries including:

  • Construction;
  • Fire and life safety;
  • Security services;
  • Medical services;
  • IT services;
  • Facility management.

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