What Is an Employment Contract?

An employment contract is a type of contract in which an employee undertakes to perform work for an employer in return for remuneration. The duration of an employment contract can be either fixed or open-ended.

Does an Employment Contract Have to Be in Written Format?

No, an employment contract does not have to be in writing. However, it is recommended to have a written copy for administrative purposes and to protect both employee and employer.

What Is Included in an Employment Contract?

Here are several elements commonly included in an employment contract.

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Employee personal details: last name, first name, address, email, phone number
  • Duration of the employment contract with start and end dates, if applicable
  • Duration of the probation period, if applicable
  • Job title
  • Working conditions, including compensation, benefits and any other relevant information
  • Work schedule
  • The employee’s responsibilities and duties
  • Any other specific clauses: non-competition, NDA, etc.

Here is a free downloadable employment contract template.

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