What Are Employees Incentives?

Incentives for employees are rewards and privileges offered by an employer to employees who perform and behave beyond expectations.

What Are Examples of Employees Incentives?

Common incentives for employees include:

Why Are Employee Incentives Important?

Employee incentives are a common way of motivating workers to perform their job to the best of their ability. The motivation of employees is an important contributor to the success of a company.

Benefits of introducing employee incentives include:

  • Increasing productivity;
  • Attracting employees who are better qualified;
  • Building a stronger company culture;
  • Fostering employee loyalty.

How to Create an Incentive Program for Employees?

The steps to build an incentive program include:

  1. Surveying the employees to know what kind of incentives would best suit their needs;
  2. Creating the program: how it operates, how it connects to the work of employees, what are its objectives, etc.;
  3. Presenting and promoting the incentive program to the employees;
  4. Integrating the program into the practices of the company;
  5. Monitoring the program to make sure the objectives are met.

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