Online employee scheduling and time clock software for Cleaning Services companies

As a scheduling manager for a cleaning services company, you must manage employees who are constantly on the move working on different jobs sites and you have to juggle with unexpected situations while handling variable schedules. Agendrix gives you all the tools you need to make your workforce management much more efficient.

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Online employee scheduling and time clock software for Cleaning Services companies

Save time

Agendrix is an employee scheduling software designed specifically to optimally process information and accelerate the decision-making process. The app helps you better plan your resources and employees.

Plan your work itinerary

Coordinate your cleaning professionals and your janitors by viewing them directly into the schedule with all their time constraints, availability and leave requests.

Manage your equipment efficiently

With resources, tools, machinery, vehicles and other equipment are in good hands. In addition to maintaining the complete history of each resource, you know at any time to which employees it is assigned.

Always be ready and up to date

Have an answer to unexpected and last-minute changes. Our schedule management application allows you to quickly make changes to the schedule at any time. In addition, the reports give you an overall of planned hours for each location or client.

What our customers have to say

Considering our growing business context, where 80% of our contract-related expenses come from work hours, finding a management tool such as Agendrix that would simplify scheduling and allow us to better control worked hours versus production costs was becoming urgent. Agendrix also improves the communication flow between workers and managers which, in turn, promotes better relationships.

Benefits for Cleaning Services Companies Managers

As a cleaning services business manager, the task of managing equipment and schedules on different job sites can be a huge challenge. You can quickly react to unexpected events! With Agendrix as your schedule management software, you know at any time which employee uses what equipment or vehicle.

In addition to the history provided by the schedule planner, reports provide you with useful information. For example, it is possible to know who worked on each job site and the costs involved. Reach another level and take control over your planning!