Scheduling and Time Clock Software for Call Centers

In call centers, there is much more to do than manage employee work schedules and timesheets. Let Agendrix save you time and money, and reduce staff turnover.

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Scheduling and Time Clock Software for Call Centers

Save Time

Agendrix is an employee scheduling software that is designed to help managers optimally process information and accelerate the decision-making process. Your employees submit their requests (leave, shift transfers, availability changes) directly from the app. When you approve a request, it’s automatically reflected in the scheduler.

Consolidate Communications

Notify your employees instantly using their preferred channel of communication (Mobile and Email). Whether a schedule is changed, a new product is launched, or a new policy put in place, make sure your employees have seen and confirmed the messages addressed to them.

Prevent Mistakes

Quickly spot shift conflicts created by leave requests, as well as those stemming from organizing employees who fill multiple positions or work on multiple locations.

Always Be Ready

You and your employees can access schedules from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet from anywhere at anytime. With Agendrix’s iOS and Android applications, bidirectional communication is fast and simple for everyone.

What our customers have to say

Very user-friendly and easy to use. Great tool for any business.

Amanda Lynn
Managed Chat Canada

Agendrix allows me to keep my schedule handy and makes communicating days off and events between employees easy. This made-in-Québec application is easy to set up and visually pleasing.

Benefits for Call Center Managers

Agendrix helps many call centers better manage the work schedules of their telephonists, interviewers, and other employees. Instantly notify your employees when a new schedule is published. Your call center staff can access the most up-to-date version of their schedule anywhere as well as see the status of their requests for time off, shift transfers, and changes in availability.

Forget trying to collect and memorize the separate time constraints, availability, and leave requests of your employees (especially for part-time staff). This information is centralized directly in the application, and any change you make is also automatically made in the schedule. Spend more time taking care of your clients rather than planning your schedules and fixing problems.