Free Onboarding Process for New Hires to Download

This onboarding process for new hires will help you better welcome new employees to your team.


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Why Establish an Onboarding Process for New Employees?

The onboarding process allows new employees to better understand how a team works and to take their place faster.

A well-established onboarding process contributes to the employer branding and improves employee retention.

Does the Onboarding Process Need to Be Personalized for Each New Hire?


Each new employee and each job position are different. Therefore, the onboarding process must be adjusted depending on the situation. This way, the well-being, the satisfaction, and the retention of new employees will be easier to meet.

How Long Is the Onboarding Process?

The onboarding process begins the moment the new employee is hired and ends when the employee has been completely integrated and is able to fulfill their role fully. It can take several months to be completed.

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