What Is Training and Development?

Training and development are instructional activities or programs created by an organization to improve individual or team knowledge, skills, and abilities to further the growth of its team members.

Why Is Training and Development Important?

Training and development programs are a universal way for companies to improve the performance of their workforce.   Besides contributing to growth, such programs also help attract and retain talent.

Benefits of training and development include:

  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Improving employee motivation and engagement
  • Enhancing company reputation
  • Promoting the development of high value skills such as leadership, time management, and teamwork
  • Reducing employee turnover

What Is the Purpose of Training and Development?

The main purpose of training and development is to help employees acquire new skills to build a stronger team.

For employers, training and development improves the productivity of the team and helps attract and retain employees.

Training and development helps improve the awareness of the employees while allowing them to develop their skills further in one or several areas of expertise. It can also motivate them to perform at their best.

What Are the Most Common Methods of Employee Training and Development?

Common training methods include:

  • Game-based training: games can both have an educational purpose and allow trainees to learn in a competitive and motivating environment
  • Internships: such experiences can lead to the full-time employment of qualified interns
  • Job shadowing: a useful method for employees seeking a promotion or a role change within an organization
  • Lecture: can provide group learning opportunities at little to no cost
  • Mentoring: this personalized training structure can be tailored to the needs of the trainees
  • Role-play and simulation: simulated situations provide a frame where concrete skills can be put into practice in a controlled environment without real consequences for the organization
  • Career planning: helps probe the interest of employees in order to provide career development opportunities

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