What Is Team Building?

Team building refers to group activities used as part of management strategies to build social relations and enhance cohesion within a team.

Why Is Team Building Important?

Team building positively influences team effectiveness. Some benefits of team-building activities include:

  • Identifying the different strengths and weaknesses of each team member;
  • Clarifying the company’s mission and vision;
  • Developing communication and collaboration;
  • Promoting creative thinking and problem solving;
  • Building trust;
  • Improving productivity.

What Is the Main Purpose of Team Building?

The purpose of team building activities is to motivate team members to work together and address their strengths and weaknesses. Team building exercises should stimulate collaboration.

What Are Examples of Team Building Activities?

Team building exercises can help improve different aspects of teamwork. For example, the following exercises aim to improve communication at work:

  • Blind drawings;
  • Dragon’s den;
  • Blind origami;
  • Silence is golden;
  • Yes but no.

Certain team building games are useful to create a friendly atmosphere where colleagues may learn to know each other better:

  • Personality tests;
  • Staff contests;
  • Icebreaker lunches;
  • Walking club;
  • Book swap.

Outdoor team building activities allow team members to temporarily escape the workplace to get some fresh air. Ideas include:

  • Going to the park;
  • Hiking;
  • Organizing a photo rally;
  • Having a picnic.

Indoor team building activities can be organized almost anywhere and fit almost any context.

  • Escape room;
  • Lunch and learn;
  • Trivia;
  • Marshmallow and spaghetti challenge. 

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