What Is a Substitute Caregiver?

A substitute caregiver refers to someone who actively and regularly cares for a dependant relative (or someone they are close to) and also has a job.

What Is the Salary of a Substitute Caregiver?

Substitute caregivers do not usually receive a salary. They may, however, be entitled to state benefits or allowances.

In Canada, substitute caregivers may use employment insurance to receive part of their salary while they look after their relative. State benefits can reach 55% of the employee’s weekly salary, up to $650 per week.

What Are the Conditions for a Family Caregiver?

In Canada, the role of family caregiver does not exist. The term used is substitute caregiver. The role of substitute caregiver is unpaid but can be compensated by employment insurance.

Who Pays the Salary of a Family Caregiver?

It is the relative who takes on the role of employer and pays the family caregiver.

How Do You Become a Paid Substitute Caregiver?

In Quebec, a substitute caregiver is someone who provides support to a person close to them (not necessarily related to them but someone who considers them to be like a family member) who is suffering from temporary or permanent incapacity.

How to Help Employees to Juggle Work and Caregiving?

Employers who want to help their employees deal with work and caregiving can:

  • Offer that employees take advantage of employment insurance in Canada.
  • Offer employees flexible working hours.
  • Be understanding of their employee’s situation.

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