What Is a Passive Candidate?

A passive candidate is a worker who is not actively looking for a new job but is not opposed to a career change.

Why Recruit Passive Candidates?

Passive candidates are often experienced workers with special skills that are in demand. They are therefore prime candidates for companies looking to fill specialised jobs or senior positions.

How to Recruit a Passive Candidate?

Passive candidates are often found through references from colleagues or acquaintances. Passive candidates can also be recruited through specialist recruiters or through searches on social networks such as LinkedIn.

Recruiters who wish to contact passive candidates should take the time to write up personalized messages and send them to each candidate.

How To Attract Passive Candidates?

Recruiters who want to attract passive candidates to apply for a job can:

  • Write personalized messages
  • Highlight the benefits of the job
  • Explain how the job might suit the candidate
  • Provide information on the stages in the recruitment process
  • Offer attractive and competitive remuneration and working conditions
  • Build a talent bank
  • Build a stronger employer brand

What Are the Advantages of Recruiting Passive Candidates?

The advantages of recruiting a passive candidate include:

  • Passive candidates are often more motivated
  • They are ambitious
  • They choose a company because it matches their values and vision

What Are the Disadvantages of Recruiting Passive Candidates?

The disadvantages of recruiting a passive candidate include:

  • The need to review the company’s recruitment strategy
  • Hiring external recruiters to facilitate passive recruitment
  • The need to offer more generous salaries
  • Putting in place skills development plans to offer more opportunities for career advancement

What Is he Difference Between a Passive and an Active Candidate?

A passive candidate is a worker who is not actively looking for a new job, whereas an active candidate is.

Active candidates can sometimes contact recruiters directly to find a new job. Passive candidates do not contact recruiters as they do not have an active wish to leave their job.

What Is Passive Recruitment?

Passive recruitment refers to the actions that a recruiter or human resources professional takes to recruit a passive candidate.

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