What Is Intrapreneurship?

Intrapreneurship is a method of operations management that involves developing an entrepreneurial culture within a company to stimulate employee autonomy and responsibility.

What Are the Benefits of Intrapreneurship?

Promoting intrapreneurship within companies helps with:

  • Entering new markets
  • Developing employee autonomy
  • Stimulating innovation
  • Stimulating company growth
    offering greater opportunities for career development
  • Stimulating employee commitment and creativity

What Are Some Examples of Companies That Practice Intrapreneurship?

Some examples of companies that practise intrapreneurship are:

  • eBay
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • 3M
  • Amazon

What Skills Are Needed for Intrapreneurship?

The skills needed for intrapreneurship include:

  • Identifying problems
  • Being persuasive
  • Having a knack for business
  • Having an innovative spirit
  • Creativity

How To Create a Culture of Intrapreneurship?

Companies that wish to create a culture of intrapreneurship in their organization can:

  • Encourage employee creativity and autonomy
  • Make risk-taking and failure acceptable
  • Offer more training to employees
  • Allow employees to go beyond the limits of their job description
  • Reward innovative ideas
  • Become an agile organization
  • Define clear guidelines that limit potential obstacles to employee progress

What Is the Difference Between Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship?

Intrapreneurship involves carrying out a business project within an established company. The intrapreneur puts their ideas to good use within a company that does not belong to them. They are generally employees of the company.

Entrepreneurship refers to the activities involved in setting up or running a business. Entrepreneurs create and manage their own business. They own the company.

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