What Is HR Big Data?

Big data is a way of gathering large amounts of information about users on the web. This information is processed by algorithms, enabling analysis and conclusions to be drawn that ease decision-making in human resources.

How Is Big Data Used in HR?

Big data collects large amounts of data, which helps automate a multitude of HR processes.

For example, big data is often used in the recruitment of new employees. Information gathered enables organizations to better target potential candidates and establish a complete profile of each of them. It also simplifies decision-making, such as determining the right remuneration for a position.

Big data is also used to predict certain trends in human resources. Companies can better understand the context in which they operate and implement initiatives to meet the needs of their industry. For instance, analyzing information from big data can enable a company to establish what additional benefits it should offer its employees to increase their retention.

What Are The Benefits of Using Big Data in HR?

Benefits of using big data in HR include:

  • Improving recruitment of qualified employees
  • Prioritizing the best recruitment channels
  • Improving employee training
  • Increasing staff retention rates
  • Forecasting future business needs

What Are Some Examples of Data Collected When It Comes to Big Data in HR?

HR professionals collect data such as:

  • Job satisfaction rates
  • Retention rates
  • Turnover rates
  • Employee personality types
  • Demographic information
  • Salaries
  • Absenteeism rates

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