HR Glossary / Hiring Process

A hiring process is a step-by-step method used by an organization to find and hire highly skilled employees for a given position.

What Are the Steps of a Hiring Process?

  1. Identifying hiring need: deciding on workforce needs and conditions;
  2. Writing job description: creating a job offer;
  3. Advertising position: depending on the strategy it can be online, in a newspaper, on a advertisement board, etc.;
  4. Recruit for position: reaching out to potential candidates;
  5. Review applications: analyzing candidate profiles based on job criteria;
  6. Initial screening: phone interviews;
  7. Interviewing potential candidates: in-person interviews, standardized tests, talent assessments, etc.;
  8. Checking references and performing background checks;
  9. Selecting the right candidates for the position: job offer;
  10. Hiring: contract signature;
  11. Onboarding.

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