What Is a Headhunter?

A headhunter is a professional who recruits specialized or highly qualified candidates.

How Do Headhunters Work?

Headhunters differentiate themselves from recruiters by their specialized, personalized approach.

They specifically recruit highly qualified people whose skills are in high demand in the job marketplace. Potential candidates targeted by headhunters are often already employed by a company. Headhunters therefore face the challenge of convincing them to work for another employer.

Headhunters make direct contact with people who fit the profile they are looking for, bypassing the usual stages of recruitment, such as advertising the position to be filled.

What Is the Difference Between a Headhunter and a Recruiter?

In general, headhunters specialize in recruiting candidates with very specific skills and qualifications. They contact candidates directly to gauge their interest in a position.

Recruiters tend to recruit candidates with more conventional profiles. Positions to be filled are generally more conventional and can be filled through traditional recruitment methods such as job advertisements.

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