What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement refers to the degree of emotional and psychological investment an employee has in their employer.

Why Is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee engagement is crucial to the smooth running of a company’s operations, as it ensures employee productivity and loyalty.

The more committed employees are to their employer, the more likely they are to give their best at work. As a result, the organization will be able to meet and exceed its objectives.

The organization will also benefit from lower employee turnover. Employees will be able to focus on higher-value tasks, thanks to the expertise and experience developed within the organization.

Employee engagement can even influence the employer branding and capacity for innovation. It can also reduce absenteeism.

How to Measure Employee Engagement?

Steps for measuring employee engagement include:

  1. Identifying objectives to be achieved
  2. Measuring employee job satisfaction through individual interviews and/or anonymous surveys
  3. Analyzing survey results
  4. Determining necessary actions to improve employee satisfaction
  5. Sharing action plan with employees and adjusting as needed

What Factors Influence Employee Engagement?

Factors influencing employee engagement include:

  • The company’s mission and values
  • The quality of relationships with co-workers
  • The quality of the relationship with the direct manager and the management team
  • The nature of the work
  • Tasks and responsibilities

What Are the Different Drivers of Employee Engagement?

The various drivers of employee engagement include:

What Is an Employee Engagement Survey?

An employee engagement survey refers to an anonymous survey sent to team members to measure their job satisfaction. The survey may include questions on:

  • Employee relations
  • The match between the company’s values and those of the employee
  • Working conditions
  • Compensation
  • Recognition
  • Etc.

Agendrix employee management software offers the possibility of sending anonymous surveys to team members to measure their level of commitment to work.

How Can HR Improve Employee Engagement?

A business’s human resources can improve employee engagement by:

  • Implementing a recruitment strategy focused on finding candidates who share the same values as the company.
  • Offering career development opportunities.
  • Ensuring that an employee’s tasks and responsibilities match their skills and interests.
  • Adopting humane and transparent management practices.
  • Developing managers’ management skills.
  • Establishing a culture of recognition within the company.
  • Providing a healthy work environment.

What Is the Link Between Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture?

A company’s corporate culture has a direct influence on employee engagement. For example, if a company prioritizes profits over employee well-being, team members will quickly become overworked and the company’s productivity will be reduced.

However, if a company puts the well-being of its employees at the heart of its activities, it will find it easier to recruit, employee productivity will be higher and the employer brand will be very good.

How to Foster Employee Engagement?

To mobilize employees, managers can:

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