What Is Disability Leave?

Disability leave refers to a compulsory leave of absence ordered by a health professional, typically for non-occupational reasons.

Who Is Entitled to Disability Leave?

In Quebec, only those with private insurance or employer-sponsored insurance are entitled to extended disability leave.

People who have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan and the Quebec Pension Plan may have access to certain federal or provincial programs. Employees may have access to other forms of temporary assistance, such as Employment Insurance or the Social Assistance Program.

In France, employees who have been affiliated to the Social Security system for at least 12 months are entitled to temporary disability leave. Certain civil servants are entitled to extended disability leave.

What Are the Conditions to Be Eligible for Disability Leave?

Disability leave must be ordered by a health professional. It is granted when a person is unable to perform their job-related duties safely and adequately.

What Are the Different Types of Disability Leave?

There are two types of disability leave:

  • Short-term disability leave: less than 6 months
  • Long-term disability leave: more than 6 months

Is Parental Leave Covered by Disability Leave?

Parental leave does not constitute disability leave.

Is Burnout Covered by Disability Leave?

Burnout is typically covered by Employment Insurance in Canada. Burnout is not covered by disability leave.

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