Vacation request form template

Vacation Request Form Template

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What's in it?

This vacation request form template allows your employee to formally request any type of leave and provide a justification.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some answers to your management woes.

How to Keep Track of Leave Requests?

To establish a clear process to keep track of leave requests, it is important to only use one communication channel: bulletin board, email, voicemail, SMS, etc. This centralizes all requests  in one convenient location, helping to prevent omissions.

Scheduling software are often used to keep track of leave requests. Such software allows employees to request days off or vacation. Managers can then approve or decline these requests using the software, and the employees are sent notifications to confirm that their request has been processed. Approved requests are automatically displayed in the schedule to minimize errors.

Which Type of Leave Request to Make?

The types of leaves offered depend on the human resources policy.

The most common leave types are personal days off, leaves for family obligation, paid leaves, unpaid leaves, sick days, and vacation leaves.

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