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Performance Review Template

This annual performance review template contains the essential elements for measuring your employees’ performance and providing them with relevant feedback.

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What Is an Annual Performance Review?

An annual performance review is a formal meeting between an employee and his or her direct manager. The purpose of this meeting is to measure the employee’s performance, provide relevant feedback and set new objectives to be achieved.

Why Hold an Annual Performance Review?

The annual performance review is not mandatory, but it is a very important HR practice. It provides employees with relevant feedback on their work. This enables them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

The annual performance review can also be used to refocus an employee’s responsibilities and tasks, if necessary. It is also often during this meeting that the employee’s salary and working conditions are discussed.

How To Conduct an Annual Performance Review?

The annual performance review generally follows 3 steps.

  1. Preparing for the meeting: evaluation of the employee’s performance and self-assessment questionnaire
  2. Sending documents: to prepare properly, the employee must be able to consult his or her appraisal before the meeting. The supervisor should take note of the employee’s self-evaluation
  3. Interview procedure: discussion of the employee’s performance, professional development, new objectives and working conditions

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