What Is a Work Schedule Maker?

A work schedule maker is a tool—typically a cloud-based or local computer program or application—that helps managers simplify work schedule planning by automating the creation of shifts and optimizing workforce management.

How to Create an Employee Work Schedule?

In order to create an efficient employee work schedule, managers should:

  • Know the availability of their employees;
  • Have an up-to-date list of leave requests;
  • Work with a reference schedule;
  • Track their labor cost.

How to Create a Work Schedule in Excel?

The steps to create a schedule in Excel are as follows:

  1. Enter the names of the employees in the vertical X-axis and the days of the week and dates in the horizontal Y-axis;
  2. Create the work shifts and specify the position for each employee;
  3. Customize the Excel spreadsheet to improve readability.

How to Create Online Work Schedules?

Common tools to create a work schedule online include:

  • Google Agenda;
  • Google Sheets;
  • Excel and Facebook;
  • Excel and Dropbox;
  • Any free employee scheduling app.

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