What Is Time Management Software?

Time management software is a system that simplifies and automates the management of certain HR-related tasks, including tracking of working hours, absences and leave, as well as payroll management.

Why Use Time Management Software?

Time management software enables managers to spend less time on HR management tasks and to ensure better follow-ups with their employees.

Time management software commonly includes functionalities such as:

  • Tracking of employee working hours (arrivals, departures, paid breaks, unpaid breaks)
  • Automatically filling in timesheets based on clocked-in hours
  • Simplifying approval of working hours
  • Automating timesheet management and transfer to the payroll system
  • Accounting vacation, overtime and unpaid leave
  • Tracking absences and late arrivals
  • Generating reports based on various data

What Are The Advantages of Using Time Management Software?

The advantages of using time management software include:

  • Tracking absences, hours worked, overtime, breaks, etc
  • Simplifying employee scheduling
  • Avoiding payroll errors
  • Optimizing team members’ working time
  • Simplifying employee management

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