What Is Sense of Belonging?

Sense of belonging at work refers to an employee’s feeling of attachment and recognition toward their employer and work team.

Why Is Sense of Belonging at Work Important?

For companies, sense of belonging is critical to developing motivation and fostering employee retention.

Employees with a strong sense of belonging to their team or employer are more engaged in their work. In turn, they will be more productive and often stay at the company longer.

A sense of belonging can also nurture a pleasant and stimulating work environment.

How Do You Measure Sense of Belonging at a Company?

Sense of belonging at work can be measured in 2 different ways.

Managers and HR directors can observe employees’ behavior to measure the belonging they feel. Conduct such as involvement in social events, positive discussions with co-workers, and goal attainment can all demonstrate a strong sense of belonging.

Managers can also question employees using an anonymous survey to measure their sense of belonging.

How to create a sense of belonging within a company

Creating a sense of belonging is a long-term endeavour. It is also a personal feeling for each employee, and it may vary over the course of their career. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Companies wishing to create a sense of belonging on their team can:

How to Strengthen Sense of Belonging at Work

Companies that want to strengthen or improve their team members’ sense of belonging can apply several strategies, such as:

  • Offer additional training to employees
  • Organize team-building activities
  • Be more flexible with work schedules
  • Do more one-on-ones with employees
  • Cultivate trust with their team
  • Take an interest in employees’ personal lives
  • Adapt their communication methods

What Factors Develop a Sense of Belonging?

Factors that help bring about a sense of belonging at work include:

  • Respect and consideration on the part of the employer
  • The quality of the work that is done
  • The importance of customer service;
  • The clarity of each employee’s responsibilities
  • A strong, shared mission and clear values
  • The feeling that the work is meaningful
  • What are the risks of a low sense of belonging at work?

Risks associated with a low sense of belonging include:

  • A high turnover rate
  • Difficulty with recruitment
  • Low employee engagement
  • Lower productivity

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