What Is E-Reputation?

E-reputation is the perception a person has of a company or individual based on information found online (website, social media, digital media, etc.).

What Is a Company’s E-Reputation?

A company’s e-reputation refers to that company’s digital identity; how they are viewed by the public.

It is made up of online information such as user reviews on Google or Facebook, newspaper articles, video comments, etc.

Why Is a Good E-Reputation Important?

Having a good e-reputation is critical given that 80% of consumers turn to online reviews before making a purchase. E-reputation directly shapes public perception and opinion.

A good e-reputation helps control a company’s brand image and heighten its visibility online, in addition to improving the employer brand and making talent recruitment easier.

Conversely, a bad e-reputation can have negative impacts including:

  • A drop in sales
  • Loss of trust among some people (customers, employees, suppliers, etc.)
  • Company closure

What Shapes a Company’s E-Reputation?

Plenty of information put online by users will factor into a company’s e-reputation, such as:

  • User comments and opinions on search engines
  • Comments on social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Things said in blogs and forums
  • Opinions expressed in videos

Who Can Influence a Company’s E-Reputation?

A number of players have a role, such as:

  • The company itself and its employees
  • The media
  • Internet users
  • Influencers (or public figures in general)
  • Competitors

These players can exert a conscious or unconscious influence on e-reputation.

How to Improve a Company’s E-Reputation

There are several strategies to improve a company’s e-reputation, such as:

  • Making a video presentation of the organization
  • Putting out quality content on social media
  • Adding photos to the company’s Google profile
  • Monitoring the company’s e-reputation
  • Implementing a marketing communications strategy
  • Responding to negative reviews by Internet users

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