Work scheduling software and punch for events and the entertainment industry

As an event manager, you face many constraints when it comes to planning your schedules. You have to respect the seasonal availability of your employees and quickly find replacements when necessary while ensuring that the cost of labor meets your budget. Agendrix makes these tasks easier and can do even more for event agencies and tourism companies.

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The tool you need to manage your events successfully

Save time

Agendrix is a scheduling software that centralizes all information relevant to the creation of your schedules is centralized. Scheduling and decision making are then drastically improved.

Affordable all-inclusive packages

Your event only lasts a few days or weeks? We offer tailor-made and affordable packages to assist you throughout your event so that it runs smoothly!

Improve communication

Communicate effectively to your work teams by sending only the information to the relevant teams. The chaos of heavy and disturbing communications is over!

Avoid mistakes

Agendrix eliminates errors and all scheduling conflicts due to holidays, multiple locations where your employees work and multiple positions that your employees occupy.

Essential features for your events

Agendrix helps several companies in the event and entertainment industries to better manage the work schedules of their employees. Instantly notify your team members, caretakers and waiters whenever you make a schedule change. At any time, your staff can view the latest version of the schedule on their mobile, tablet or computer from the web or mobile application.

Waste no more time memorizing and compiling your employees’ constraints of hours, availability and leave requests. These employee constraints reach you directly through the application and are automatically transposed into the schedule.