Agendrix helped Patrick Gingras save hundreds of hours which he now uses to better train his personnel.

104 employees
5 locations
4,5x faster
Several industries
Client since 2015

Nowadays, to better communicate with our employees, we must adapt and choose modern tech solutions. Agendrix is really user-friendly. Change can be daunting, but getting to use a software such as Agendrix is worth it tenfold.

About Patrick Gingras

Since 2012, Patrick Gingras is the co-owner of five locations for three banners in Sherbrooke: one Chocolats Favoris location, two Vidéotron stores, and two Thaï Zone restaurants.

Since these are very busy retail stores and restaurants, about one hundred employees are needed to meet the needs of all three businesses. In total, about 1300 hours of labor are required weekly.

Finding the right solution

Why did you choose Agendrix?

“I used to create my schedules on paper and with Excel, but that was really time consuming, and it was always difficult to communicate changes. One Day, André Gauthier, Agendrix’s founder, saw that I was using Excel for one of my Thaï Zone restaurants and asked whether I would be interested in trying out his new software – free. Since he had also been a manager for several years, I was quite confident, and it’s not like I had anything to lose anyway since the trial would be free.

I quickly realized how much more efficient my operations had become, and following this success in my Thaï Zone locations, I implemented Agendrix in my Vidéotron locations. As for our Chocolats Favoris store, we implemented Agendrix before the store was even open. With over 700 weekly hours of labor and highly variable availability of my personnel mainly composed of students, I can’t even fathom how my wife and I could be managing our schedules without Agendrix.”


What do you like most about Agendrix?

“I particularly like how Agendrix encourages employees to be responsible. The news feed, for example, lets us ensure that the employees have read the messages concerning them. The same principle is applied at the schedule level, where we’re able to see who actually looked at their schedule; employees can no longer tell us they weren’t informed of changes.”

How did Agendrix improve your day-to-day operations?

“The time we’re saving on schedule management can now be spent coaching employees. So, instead of managing everything, we get to be on the floor with our employees, doing what really matters.”

How was Agendrix received by your employees?

“It was really easy to get used to, very little training had to be done, and everything was user-friendly. Within a week, everyone was comfortable with using the application.”

User benefits

  • Improved employee support resulting from time savings
  • Peace of mind thanks to centralized communications
  • Significant efficiency increase
  • Better workforce overview

Before / After (weekly)

Results for one Chocolats Favoris, two Vidéotron and three Thaï Zone.

Tasks Old ways With Agendrix
Scheduling 7 h 30 (using Excel) 2 hours
Schedule changes 5 h 30 (using Excel) 45 minutes
Time sheets 1 hour (on paper) 15 minutes
TOTAL 14 hours 3 hours

Old ways

With Agendrix


“Since I’m the co-owner of five locations under three different banners, I have a team of managers who help me out. We used to create our stores’ schedules using Excel. More than 7 hours weekly were required to create all schedules.


Nowadays, we spend nearly 5 times less time as before, regardless of the banner. All of this time saved is used to better train and support our employees; this lets provide a better service and, ultimately, get better results.”

Schedule changes

“Back when we used Excel to create schedules, we didn’t have much of a choice but to be strict. We asked of our employees that they provide any and all requests at least two weeks in advance, otherwise, we had to decline most of them. We very well knew our employees were the ones who ended up having to cope with this, to their sorrow, but making changes after schedules were already printed was so tedious that we had no other choice.”

Schedule changes

“Ever since we’ve adopted Agendrix, this two-week policy hasn’t changed, but we’re significantly more flexible with regards to last-minute changes. Agendrix allows employees to find replacements, meaning we’re fine with schedule changes, so long as replacements are found in time. And since all we have to do is tap a button to approve or decline replacement requests, it’s quite easy for us. On top of simplifying the whole process, our relationships with our employees are improved, as they feel we now better respect their personal lives; the work atmosphere is better.”

Schedule sharing

“My managers had to email me their Excel file so that I could approve everything. If changes had to be made, they had to re-email me the latest version of these files. Once I had approved their schedule, a copy was printed and then hung in the employee lounge; most employees would take pictures of the schedule to keep a copy handy. The issue here is that changes often had to be made during the week, meaning the employees who had taken a picture of the initial schedule did not always have the most recent version.

Schedule sharing

“Now, we no longer print out schedules; that’d be a waste! All employees now consult their schedule directly from their phone, meaning the schedule is always up to date. We can even make sure changes were seen and that any message sent was read-confirmed. In short, notifications are sent out to employees the moment they need to be made aware of anything relevant to them. As a manager, it’s always reassuring to know that my messages are always delivered even when I don’t have time to reach out to everyone personally.

Time sheet management

We used to pay whatever hours were scheduled, meaning we lost some money there. Employees who worked more or less than their scheduled hours had to jot down this information on the printed schedule. Obviously, it wasn’t really accurate, and certain employees would simply forget. I had to personally make these changes and send everything to payroll.”

Time sheet management

“Ever since we started using Agendrix’s time clock, our time sheets are ultraprecise, and the software automatically detects discrepancies with the schedule. It’s super simple, and we quickly realized that having employees clock in and out allowed us to save on labor costs as a result of increased precision. Once everything is done, all we have to do is feed the time sheets digitally to our payroll software; it’s instantaneous!”