The managers of Sherbrooke's Siboire Dépôt now manage their schedules twice as fast as they once did using Excel, thanks to Agendrix.

129 employees
1 location
2x faster
Microbrewery industry
Client since 2016

Agendrix’s structure centralizes all information and schedule management communications in one convenient place. This means we work more efficiently and avoid making mistakes.

About the Siboire

The Siboire brings together three microbreweries located in Sherbrooke and in Montreal that provide beer lovers with a large range of products brewed on-site and great food!

Finding the right solution

Why did you choose Agendrix?

“It’s a really easy-to-use made-in-Quebec software. Other people in our industry often spoke highly of it.”


What do you like most about Agendrix?

“It’s highly visual, making understanding the overall software really simple.”

Did you have any concerns with implementing a software such as Agendrix?

“At first, we were a bit reluctant to change our system. We were mostly concerned with our employees being unable to use the app properly, but Agendrix’s introductory videos really helped everyone understand how it works.”

Were implementation and training time-consuming?

“Not at all, I figured out how to use Agendrix on my own with the training videos available in the app itself.”

How did Agendrix improve your day-to-day operations?

“For us, communications were impacted the most. Since everything is now centralized in one place, our employees always use Agendrix to communicate with us instead of emailing, calling, or texting us on our personal devices.”

How do you feel about Agendrix’s customer support?

“The instant chat support in the app itself was really useful at first, though I don’t need to use it anymore since I know the software well now.”

User benefits

  • Fewer errors, thanks to employee availability being displayed right in the schedule
  • Major time savings
  • Improved communication between team members
  • Greater employee satisfaction

Before / After (weekly)

Tasks Old ways With Agendrix
Scheduling 3 hours 2 hours
Schedule changes 2 hours 30 minutes
Schedule sharing 30 minutes Instantaneous
TOTAL 5 h 30 2 h 30

Old ways

With Agendrix


Before, we used to spend about 3 hours every week making our schedules on Excel. Employees would send us their requests in a host of different ways, meaning we’d often forget things, which made everything pretty complex.”


Now, we spend less than 2 hours every week making our schedules, thanks to every request being in the right place in the app.”

Schedule changes

“Since we couldn’t see our employees’ availability in our Excel schedule, we always had to refer to various emails, paper notes, and text messages sent by employees. It was really time-consuming, and we’d often forget certain requests. As a result, after a schedule was made, several employees would ask us to make changes. This meant that we often had to partly rebuild the schedule, which would take around 2 hours every week.

Schedule changes

“With Agendrix, making changes to the schedule takes no time at all. Our communications have improved so much that we’re saving a huge amount of time on this front. Our employees send their leave requests and availability in advance, meaning we have everything we need when we have to make the weekly schedule. Obviously, there are still emergencies to handle and changes to make along the way, but we never spend more than 30 minutes per week on these.

Schedule sharing

After making a schedule on Excel, we’d email it to our employees and print out a copy for the bar. Whenever we had to change the schedule, we’d email all employees again and take the time to call every employee concerned to make sure everyone was well aware of the changes. Of course, we couldn’t always reach every employee, so we had to hope everyone had seen the changes before it was too late.”

Schedule sharing

With Agendrix, we no longer bother with printing out the schedule because we all have access to the most recent version on our phones. Having to contact every employee whenever scheduling changes wasted so much time; this is a huge plus! We hire a lot of students, meaning scheduling changes are quite common. Having so many different versions of any given schedule around made it hard for them to stay up to date.”