Anik Bertrand, pharmacist/owner
affiliated with Jean Coutu

Agendrix helps Jean Coutu in Sept-Îles achieve their goals through its easy-to-use personnel schedule management software.

58 employees
1 location
3x faster
Pharmaceutical industry
Client since 2017

What drew us in was getting to try the software for free to help us make up our minds. We never had enough time, but Agendrix helped us recoup several hours every week. The time we save can be spent on other projects and on the floor, making it profitable for managers.

Finding the right solution

What do you like most about Agendrix?

“Tools such as the read confirmation functionality lets us check that the employees did see their schedule or the messages we sent them. As a manager, this is reassuring; no more misunderstandings.”

Why did you choose Agendrix?

“First and foremost, the software is highly visual and easy to understand. That’s a big plus right off the bat, and compared to the other systems available on the market, Agendrix is the only one to feature such advanced communication tools, which was a major selling point for us.

Further, their customer service is top notch, available seven days a week, and the app is affordable, so we went ahead!”


How was Agendrix received by your employees?

“Agendrix was received positively by young and older folks alike. The employees quickly recognized its benefits, and since the platform is very intuitive, the learning curve was shallow.”

User benefits

  • Significant amount of time gained
  • Better communication with employees
  • Schedule accessible anywhere and anytime
  • Improved control over employee requests

Before / After (weekly)

The data in this table were provided by the Anik Bertrand branch located in Sherbrooke.

Tasks Old ways With Agendrix
Scheduling 15 hours (by hand) 5 hours
Timesheets 2 hours (cardboard cards) 10 minutes
Transfer to payroll 1 hour (manually) minutes
TOTAL 18 hours 5 h 45

Old ways

With Agendrix


“In the past, the schedules for each department were done on paper. We’d calculate everything by hand, recheck and crosscheck. We’d lose a crazy amount of time, it was really a waste.”


“Now, the total number of hours planned and the labor costs are always available in real time, and the repeating shifts are automated, meaning the schedules are really quick to produce.”

Schedule changes

“Since we have to create the schedules several weeks ahead of time, several changes had to be made along the way, so we’d end up wasting quite a bit of Liquid Paper! Ha ha!”

Schedule changes

“Now that all of the employees’ days off and availability appear where they should be in the schedule, changes are super simple to make. Though faster to manage than before, things remain a bit more complex for the lab, but that’s just due to our lack of personnel, not Agendrix.”

Schedule sharing

“Back when we created the schedules by hand, we’d pin them to the employee bulletin board to allow for consultation. When an employee was off, they’d to call us a couple days before they returned so that we’d give them their schedule by phone.”

Schedule sharing

“With Agendrix, we no longer need to put the schedule up on the bulletin board. The employees access it on a computer or on their mobile phone. We don’t waste time reciting the schedule over the phone anymore and even get to save up on Liquid Paper!”

Timesheet management

“Our old time clock would run on cardboard cards. Adjusting the timesheets and checking them against the schedule was a lot of work! Validating everything, doing the math, and entering every single employee’s work hours in Sage took more than 3 hours per week.”

Timesheet management

“When we first tried Agendrix out, we installed the time clock app on an iPad. When there are discrepancies between the schedule and the hours clocked, Agendrix highlights them automatically, making validation a breeze. We’re also able to transfer the data into Sage instantly thanks to the payroll system integration, meaning we now spend minutes instead of hours on timesheet management.”