Online employee scheduling and time clock software for retail stores

Making work schedules and tracking time for cashiers, clerks and other employees in a retail store involve many challenges. You must be able to quickly change employees’ schedules when necessary, notify them immediately, deal with their availability constraints, juggle requests for shift transfers between employees and proactively communicate many messages to them. Agendrix helps you save time in your scheduling and labor costs in your timesheets.

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Online Scheduling and Time Clock Software for Retail Stores

Save time

Agendrix is an employee scheduling software that is designed to help retail store managers better organize their scheduling by keeping track of such complicated elements as which employees are available, what floors and departments they work in, and where they are working in the case of multiple locations.

Reduce employee turnover

Plan your cashiers, clerks and other employees schedules with a schedule planner which shows you when your employees have indicated they will be available, unable to work, or needing time off. Avoid accidently scheduling a shift for someone when they are unavailable or on leave. Employees appreciate it and are more committed to their work when they feel that their needs are being taken care of.

Consolidate communications

Streamline communication with employees of your retail store by adopting Agendrix as a single standardized system of communication. Whether a new product is launched or a new policy put in place, make sure your staff are notified instantly. As well, you can get notifications that the message has been received by your staff, and they can send a confirmation that the the message has been read.

Increase employee satisfaction

Employee engagement is greatly improved through the Agendrix apps for iOS and Android. Through them, two way communication about work and scheduling becomes easy, apparent, organized, and much clearer. Improving communications can go a long way to improving employee satisfaction.

What Agendrix can do for retail stores

Agendrix helps hundreds of department stores, boutiques, warehouses, shopping malls drugstores and pharmacies better manage their employees’ work schedules. Instantly notify your cashiers, clerks, salespeople or other employees when a new schedule is published. Your retail staff can access the most up-to-date version of their schedule anywhere as well as see the status of their requests for time off, shift transfers and changes in availability.

Be informed of your part-time employees’ scheduling limitations and shift availabilities as well as their requests for leave or shift changes directly through the app. Spend more time on the sales floor and less on managing schedules.