Restaurant Staff Scheduling Software

As a restaurant schedule manager, you face multiple constraints such as labor costs, having to find replacements quickly when necessary, and managing complex part-time employee scheduling. Agendrix makes these tasks much easier on top of doing much more for your restaurant.

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Time Clock and Employee Scheduling Solution for Restaurants

Save Time

Agendrix is an employee scheduling app designed specifically to process information optimally and accelerate your decision making.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Plan your servers’ and cooks’ schedules by viewing their time constraints, availability, and leave requests right in the schedule planner.

Improve Communication

Publish multiple schedules automatically and use the news feed to instantly share your messages and policy notifications.

Prevent Mistakes

Quickly spot shift conflicts created by leave requests as well as those stemming from organizing employees who fill multiple positions or work at multiple locations.

What our customers have to say

As a Food and Beverage Director, I need to take care of many things. Through my use of the Lightspeed POS system, I made the happy discovery of Agendrix, which was part of the system’s suggested integrations. The free trial, the fast and efficient customer service, the constant evolution, and the attentive ear of Agendrix employees really made the difference, and I can no longer do without it! Since the implementation of the system, all special requests and changes in availability of employees have been going through Agendrix, and nothing slips through. And how about that billboard? This platform allows for delivering messages to employees and sharing comments, and is appreciated by all. No more repeating, almost…

It’s with great confidence that I recommend Agendrix to anyone who manages personnel. Agendrix is a powerful and easy‐to‐use tool that makes life easy. The acquisition of Agendrix is truly an investment, not an expense!

Anaïs Mathieu
Restaurant Director

Agendrix is the future of schedule management. No more paper or lost memos. I don’t hesitate to recommend Agendrix to other restaurant operators. Spreadsheets are out of here!

Benjamin Dumas
General Manager & Associate, East Side Mario's

Very easy to work with. Instantly update schedules. All of us enjoy using the mobile app. Very good.

Bruno Leveille
Franchisee & Operator, Valentine

As the executive director and franchisees advisor, I have the opportunity to use this application for the 825 Pizza Factory chain. What a great tool for both managers and employees! I owned a business for over 20 years, and, had I had access to this tool, I would have implemented it without hesitation. Outstanding Québec product. Bravo.

Powerful Features for Your Restaurant

Agendrix helps thousands of restaurants, pubs, bars, coffee shops, and cafeterias better manage their employee work schedules. Instantly notify your wait staff, barmen, barmaids, bouncers, and cooks when you change their schedules. At any time, your staff can view the latest version of their schedule on their phone, tablet, or computer.

Forget trying to collect and memorize the separate time constraints, availability, and leave requests of your employees (especially for part-time staff). This information is brought to you directly through the application and shown right in the schedule.