Meeting Minutes Template

This meeting minutes template contains everything you need to concisely summarize the content of a meeting.


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What Are Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minutes are written documents that summarize specific topics and points discussed, as well as decisions taken during a meeting.

Why Make Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minutes are useful for documenting what has been discussed during a meeting, so as to be able to resume the discussion or put into action decisions that have been made, for example.

Meeting minutes also help to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that all those concerned are informed, even if they were not present. They are also useful for preparing future meetings on the same subject.

How To Write Meeting Minutes?

In order to write up the meeting minutes, notes must first be taken by the person designated during the meeting. These notes should be as precise as possible. It is also possible to record the meeting so that you can listen to it again if necessary.

The notes should then be edited into a document that summarizes the important information shared during the meeting. The minutes should be drawn up as soon as possible after the meeting, and no later than 24 hours afterwards. They should be concise, clear, efficient and well-structured.

It should be shared with all stakeholders within 2 or 3 days maximum. It should also be free of personal remarks or comments.

What Information Should Be Included in Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minutes generally contain the following information:

  • The date of the meeting
  • Names of those present
  • Place of meeting
  • Agenda
  • Topics discussed
  • Summary of discussions
  • Actions to be taken and those responsible
  • Notes or comments
  • Additional information

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