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Job Description Template

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What's in it?

This job description template provides all the necessary information to describe the tasks and responsibilities of a given role.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some answers to your management woes.

What Is a Job Description?

The job description refers to a document that regroups the mission, the tasks, the responsibilities, the schedule, the skills, and all other relevant information required to perform a specific role within an organization.

Why Provide a Job Description?

While providing a job description to employees is not mandatory, job descriptions are a relevant HR tool. They create a clear framework to better understand the extent of a position. Thus, employees have a better idea of their roles and responsibilities and their work can be assessed based on factual criteria.

The job description is also a useful tool to help narrow the profile of a candidate during the recruitment process and identify the training needs if applicable.

How to Write a Job Description?

The job description should be written in a clear and concise form. The format is generally standardized in order to include information about the same elements independently of the position. A job description typically includes:

  • The job title;
  • The salary range;
  • The job location;
  • The typical work schedule;
  • The risks related to the position;
  • The status of the position;
  • The role;
  • The tasks and responsibilities;
  • The objectives;
  • The technical skills;
  • The soft skills;
  • The education;
  • The year of experience required;
  • The career opportunities.

How Long Should a Job Description Be?

The length of a job description can vary depending on the position. Thus, there are no exact benchmarks.

What Is the Best Job Description Format?

Job descriptions come in various formats. The best format should reflect the needs of the company and facilitate the understanding of the document.

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