Online employee scheduling and time clock software for pubs, bars and coffee shops

As a scheduling manager of a pub, a bar or a coffee shop, you face multiple constraints such as labor costs, having to find replacements quickly when necessary, managing the complexity of part-time employees. Agendrix makes these tasks easier and can do much more for you.

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Online employee scheduling and time clock software for pubs, bars and coffee shops

Save time

Agendrix is an employee scheduling app designed specifically to optimally process information and accelerate the decision-making process.

Reduce employee turnover

Plan your wait staff, barmans, barmaids, bouncers and cooks schedules by viewing them directly in the schedule planner with all their time constraints, availability and leave requests.

Improve communication

Publish multiple schedules automatically and use the bulletin board to instantly share your messages and policy notifications.

Avoid mistakes

Quickly spot shift conflicts created by leave requests, as well as those stemming from organizing employees who fill multiple positions or work on multiple locations.

What our customers have to say

Previously, we used a simple Excel file to make our schedules, but it was difficult to track the leave requests of our employees. There are a lot of students working for us, so it was not uncommon for us to note the wrong employee’s week exams. With Agendrix, we no longer have this problem. Our employees tell us their needs at each session. Plus, Agendrix is ​​a great place to communicate changes on the floor. We can leave comments on each shift. As a manager, I save a lot of time. We were the first location to use Agendrix and now the 3 Siboires adopted it. Bravo!

Powerful features for bars, pubs and coffee shops

Agendrix helps pubs, bars and coffee shops better manage their employee work schedules. Instantly notify your wait staff, barmans, barmaids, bouncers and cooks when you change their schedules. At any time, your staff can view the latest version of their schedule on their phone, tablet or computer.

Forget the headache of trying to collect and memorize the separate time constraints, availabilities, and leave requests of your employees (especially the part-time staff). This information is brought to you directly through the application and then applied automatically to the schedule.