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In a pharmacy, you have much more important tasks to do than managing work schedules and timesheets of your employees. Let Agendrix save you time, money and reduce staff turnover.

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Online Scheduling and Time Clock Software for Pharmacy

Save time

Agendrix is an employee scheduling software that is designed to help managers optimally process information and accelerate the decision-making process. Your employees submit their requests (leave, shift transfers, availability changes) directly from the app. When you approve a request, it’s automatically reflected in the scheduler.

Reduce employee turnover

Plan your pharmacists, technical assistants, clerks and other employees by using centralized information (constraints, availability and time offs) displayed in the scheduler. Avoid mistakes that lead to confusion and frustration.

Consolidate communications

Notify your employees instantly using their preferred channel of communication (Mobile, Email and Facebook). Whether a schedule is changed, a new product is launched or a new policy put in place, make sure your employees have seen and confirmed the messages addressed to them.

Always be ready

You and your employees can access schedules from your computer, mobile phone or tablet from anywhere at anytime. With Agendrix’s iOS and Android applications, bidirectional communication is fast and simple for everyone.

Online and mobile scheduling maker for schedule managers

What our customers have to say

Agendrix has really made my life easier! Yesterday, I had to replace a technician who had an emergency appointment the next day. I opened Agendrix, and within minutes I had found a replacement and employees affected were immediately notified.

Formerly, I used Excel and I had a paper file that contained the different requests of each of my employees. Each time I created the weekly schedules, I looked at them one by one to make sure I was not forgetting anything. Now employees send me their leave and availability requests directly in Agendrix and which are in turn indicated in Agendrix months in advance, so I don’t worry about forgetting anything.

Valéry Madore
Pharmacist owner (Familiprix)

I’m a final-year student in pharma and I work in pharmacies since the beginning of my degree. On several occasions, managers planned shifts at moments when I was definitely not available (school). Furthermore, they often planned a total number of weekly hours higher than what was agreed upon; Which is not desirable for any students who need to concentrate on school. Worse still, the managers had taken note of all my availability and requirements when I was hired.

After several mistakes that hindered my studies, I decided to leave. All this because of poor employee scheduling that could have been avoided using Agendrix.

Benefits for pharmacy managers

Agendrix helps many pharmacies better manage the work schedules of their pharmacists, technical assistants, clerks and cashiers. Instantly notify your employees when a new schedule is published. Your pharmacy staff can access the most up-to-date version of their schedule anywhere as well as see the status of their requests for time off, shift transfers and changes in availability.

Forget the headache of trying to collect and memorize the separate time constraints, availabilities, and leave requests of your employees (especially the part-time staff). This information is brought to you directly through the application and then applied automatically to the schedule. Spend more time taking care of your clients rather than planning your schedules and fixing problems.