What Is Time and Attendance Software?

Time and attendance software is a computer tool that simplifies and automates the management of staff working hours and timesheets.

Why Use Time and Attendance Software?

Managing staff work time is a tedious and repetitive task that can be automated by software to free up time for other tasks. Using time and attendance software offers the following advantages:

  • Increased productivity: automating tasks saves time
  • Lower management costs: increased efficiency and better tracking of work time lead to savings
  • Reduced payroll errors: automated timesheets eliminate manual transcription errors
  • Reduced irritants: simplifying management processes contributes to employee well-being
  • Reporting: time and attendance software generates more reliable data to simplify decision-making
  • Fewer absences and delays: automatic time tracking improves employee punctuality

What Features Does Time and Attendance Software Offer?

The most common functionalities of time and attendance software include:

  • Time tracking
  • Automatic work hours calculation (regular and overtime)
  • Customized settings to ensure compliance with local regulations
  • Time banks
  • Labor costs tracking
  • Report creation
  • Automatic notification of no-shows or when staff forget to clock-in

How Does Time and Attendance Software Work?

With time and attendance software, employees punch in a PIN on a device that automatically records their exact arrival, break and departure times from work. These hours can then be approved by the manager within the software, and exported to the payroll system.

Time and attendance software can automatically track overtime and highlight employee clocking errors. Managers can also generate a multitude of reports to better track metrics such as absenteeism and labor budget.

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