What Is Schedule Management?

Schedule management refers to the organization and planning of employees’ working hours.

What Is the Purpose of Schedule Management?

Schedule management ensures that a company’s activities can be carried out by the planned workforce. Efficient management of working time helps to avoid labor shortages.

Schedule management also helps to better respect budgets linked to labor costs.

What Are Schedule Management Tools?

Employee management software is one of the most widely used schedule management tools. These tools enable managers to plan schedules, track labor costs and monitor employee work time simply and efficiently. Most software packages offer both free and paid plans.

Other more general tools, such as Excel and Google Calendar, can also be used to manage working hours, even if they are not specifically designed for this purpose.

How to Better Manage a Work Schedule?

The following strategies can help managers improve their schedule management:

  • Setting goals and priorities
  • Tracking labor costs
  • Creating scheduling templates
  • Creating rotating schedules
  • Allowing shift swapping
  • Allowing employees to update their availability

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