HR Glossary / Paid Holidays

Paid holidays are specific days on which employees are entitled to take time off from work with pay. The number of paid holidays as well as their date vary depending on local legislation and individual work conditions.

What Holidays Are Paid?

Paid holidays, also called statutory holidays, are determined by law. Thus, they depend on the legislation in place. In Quebec, there are 8 statutory holidays:

  • January 1 (New Year’s Day);
  • Good Friday or Easter Monday, at the employer’s discretion;
  • The Monday before May 25 (National Patriots Day);
  • June 24 (Québec’s National Holiday);
  • July 1 (Canada Day);
  • The first Monday of September (Labour Day);
  • The second Monday of October (Thanksgiving Day);
  • December 25 (Christmas).

In Canada, federal public service employees may benefit from additional statutory holidays:

  • Good Friday and Easter Monday;
  • September 30 (National Day for Truth and Reconciliation);
  • Novembre 11 (Remembrance Day);
  • December 26 (Boxing Day);
  • Provincial or civic holiday in the area where they are employed (instead of June 24

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