What Is Gender Parity?

Gender parity is a principle that guarantees equal rights between men and women in society.

What Is the Objective of Gender Parity?

The objective of gender parity is to fight against inequities and discrimination based on people’s gender.

Gender parity makes it possible to reduce, and ultimately abolish, inequities related to pay, employment, education, women’s representation in institutions, etc.

How to Foster Gender Equity at Work?

Several strategies can be implemented in a company to promote gender parity:

  • Sensitize employees with training
  • Introduce speaking time at meetings to encourage women to express their views
  • Use inclusive writing in communications
  • Increase internal promotions
  • Provide more opportunities for professional development
  • Establish an equitable pay policy
  • Encourage parental leave
  • Support women as they return to work after maternity leave

How to Verify Gender Equity in One’s Organization?

To verify gender equity in one’s business, human resources managers can:

  • Calculate the pay discrepancy between men and women by calculating the average of the remunerations of each gender
  • Calculate the percentage of men and women who have received pay increases
  • Calculate the gap between promotions of men and promotions of women
  • Calculate the number of management roles held by men and women
  • Evaluate the gender parity among the 10 highest paid employees of the company
  • Evaluate if men and women receive equal remuneration for the same roles

Once the calculations have been made, it is important that managers take the time to analyze the results in order to draw conclusions and implement solutions, if necessary.

What Is the Link Between Gender Parity and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion?

Gender parity directly contributes to improving equity, diversity and inclusion within a company.

Gender parity is the result of diversity and inclusion practices.

What Are the Synonyms for Gender Parity?

Gender parity is also sometimes referred to as male-female equality or gender equality.

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