What Is an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

An employee satisfaction survey, also called a job satisfaction survey, is a feedback tool that allows managers to ask employees about their experience at work.

What Are Examples of Questions From an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

Employee satisfaction survey questions will vary depending on the goals of the questionnaire. To measure employee satisfaction accurately, questions must be clear, direct, and honest.

  • Do you enjoy the culture of the company?
  • Do you feel you can trust your colleagues?
  • Does your manager value your feedback?
  • Does your manager give you enough feedback?
  • Do you feel valued for your contributions?
  • Do you think the management of the company is transparent?
  • Do you think the work is distributed fairly within your team?
  • Do you find your work meaningful?
  • Do you think you have access to all the tools necessary to do your work?
  • Do you think the company offers adequate opportunities for career development?
  • How happy are you at work?
  • Do you think the company is promoting employee wellness enough?
  • Do you find your workload reasonable?
  • Would you recommend the company as a workplace to a friend?
  • Are you satisfied with your salary?

How to Create an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

To create an employee satisfaction survey, HR professionals typically:

  • Determine clear objectives
  • Use clear language
  • Guarantee confidentiality for the employees
  • Choose the right software to conduct the survey
  • Ask questions about observable elements
  • Select questions that will yield actionable result
  • Use a response scale when necessary
  • Determine the frequency of such surveys
  • Make sure the survey is not too time-consuming

Why Is Conducting Employee Satisfaction Surveys Important?

Employee satisfaction surveys are important because they provide actionable insights that help improve the working environment of a company. Anonymous surveys allow employees to honestly tell how they feel about several aspects of their work. It also encourages them to think critically.

Benefits of conducting employee satisfaction surveys include lower turnover rate and higher employee satisfaction and engagement.

What Are the Different Types of Employee Satisfaction Survey?

Common types of employee satisfaction surveys include:

  • Annual review surveys
  • Monthly engagement surveys
  • Company culture surveys
  • Pulse surveys

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